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How to Discuss Politics (Or Any Other Sensitive Topic) Without Hostility

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We live in a polarized society.  It is difficult for people who hold different viewpoints to have a reasonable discussion.  If someone disagrees with us, they are crazy, stupid, or out of touch.  Facebook is the worst culprit.  Take a look at virtually any political meme on Facebook.  It will tell you just how stupid the other side is and just how smart the people are who agree with the meme.

This is a formula for disaster.  We have to learn to speak to each other.

Why Debates Don’t Work

It is possible.  The key to having a difficult discussion is to stop thinking of it as a debate and to start thinking of it as a kind of shared problem solvingRead More

Managing Conflict: Separate the Solution from the Problem

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happy coupleThe other day, Cindy called Duncan at work.   Cindy asked Duncan to review a letter that she had just written to one of her clients.  Duncan was busy, however, with his own crisis.  He had two deadlines to make in less than an hour.  He didn’t have the time to help Cindy.  What’s more, Duncan feels that Cindy has a tendency to call him in the middle of the day to make requests like this.  “Cindy”, he said, “Please stop calling me at work!”

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Do You and Your Partner Speak Different Love Languages? (Probably)

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Jennifer comes home after a long day at work.  Jeff has just prepared dinner for her and their three children.  He is excited because he intends to inaugurate a special family meal involving a new recipe each week.   The dinner is ready when Jennifer comes home.  They sit and eat, and engage in a lively conversation.  However, after the dinner, Jennifer seems sad.  When Jeff asks why, Jennifer complained that Jeff never does anything to make her feel loved. Read More